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TatvaMoksh 2010, SIES Graduate School of Technology, Navi Mumbai, Technical Fest, March 11-13 2010

Sunday, March 07, 2010

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Event: TatvaMoksh 2010

Organised by: SIES Graduate School of Technology, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Key dates:
Fest dates: March 11-13 2010
Last date: -

Details: Tatva and Moksh are the inter-college festivals of SIES Graduate School Of Technology. Tatva is the inter collegiate technical festival organized in the college while Moksh being its Cultural counterpart.

Since its conception in 2004, Tatva has seen a drastic up rise in its graph. Moksh has also grown in leaps and bound in this period. The festivals have seen turn outs in huge numbers over this period and has given a challenge to us to improvise upon it every year.

This year too we promise a fruitful and enchanting experience to every individual participating or enjoying any aspect of the festival.

We believe that in every person in this world is present a talent that can lead the individual to glorious positions. We aim in providing every student a platform to nourish this talent of theirs or to even understand where there niche lies.

The 3 days of the festival shall provide a plethora of events catering to the various tastes of the individual to try out his/her talent in that field. Right from events that are generally played to lighten ones stress vis-à-vis Antakshari, Singing etc… to events that may set your mind boggling over it, like Solutions, Debate, CSI et al,…. you name it and we have the event for you!!! With a whiff of freshness in it, we present TATVA – MOKSH 2010 for not only relieving your stressful lives but also to test out your excellence in any field.

Events: * Code War
* Corporate
* Technical Paper Presentation
* Creative Paper Presentation
* Web Designing
* Stock Watch
* Tech Quiz
* GK Quiz
* Tech Race
* Google Whacking
* Truss It Up
* Puzzle Hut
* Rancho's quest
* LAN Gaming
* Robo Hurdle Race
* Robo Sumo
* Robo F1
* Robo Autonomous line Follower
* Robo Pacman
* Robo Soccer
* Robo Aqua
* Workshop-Level 1 Robotics
* Workshop-Kick Boxing
* Green Technology Exhibition
* Singing
* Snap
* Moksh Film Festival
* Art from Waste
* Dancing
* Fashion Show
* Rock show
* AM Rock
* Debate
* Face Painting
* Rangoli
* Big Fat Liar
* Mumbai ka Don Kaun??
* Sports Quiz
* Nukkad ka natak
* Who Dares Win
* AD Mad show
* Dumb Charades
* Bollywood Quiz
* Graffiti
* Karaoke

Website: Click Here

For more information on this college fest, please contact the event co-ordinators directly by logging into this website as mentioned above. Please drop your comments below if you have been to this college fest earlier or if you are planning to go this time.


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