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O2 - The Fest, Bhavan's College, Cultural Fest, Mumbai, Maharashtra, December 6-8 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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O2 - The Fest | Inter-Collegiate Festival

Organised by:
Bhavan's College, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Key dates:

Fest dates: 6th - 8th December 2012
Last date:


"O2 - The Fest" is the inter-college fest of Bhavan's College, Andheri. Ever since it's inception, every O2 member has seen only one goal and that is to make it bigger and better EVERY YEAR! Now 7 years down the line, we have stamped our authority as one of the best fests in the city. Breathe it! Live it! Love it!


Fashion Show, War of the DJ's, Band event, Rink football
And many more. . .

For any queries feel free to Contact Us:

Akshay Malhotra (PR head): 9619702664
Akash Vishwakarma (PR subhead): 9870900912
Sanyukta Thakare (PR subhead): 9619567750

How to Reach The College :

From Andheri station, all the buses ply towards Bhavans college. Bus stop: Rajkumar. 2 minutes walking distance from Rajkumar till the campus.

O2 The Fest Website: http://o2thefest.com/

Facebook Page:

For more information on this college fest, please contact the event co-ordinators directly by logging into this website as mentioned above. Please drop your comments below if you have been to this college fest earlier or if you are planning to go this time.


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