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Tharang 14, Jyothi Engineering College, Thrissur, Techno Cultural Fest, Kerala, January 24-25 2014

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Event: Tharang 14 | Techno Cultural Fest

Tharang 14 is a Techno Cultural Fest Organised by: Jyothi Engineering College, Thrissur, Kerala

Tharang 14 dates:
Fest dates: 24th-25th January 2014
Last Dates for Registration: Paper Presentation 20th Jan 2014.

Tharang14 is the Flagship techno-cultural festival of Jyothi Engineering College, Thrissur, Kerala. Spanning the two days of 24th and 25th Jan 2014, Tharang14 showcases various innovative and revolutionary ideas of students all around India.

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Tharang 14 Technical, Cultural, Workshop, Online Events in Thrissur :
1,Vibhavana - Paper Presentation
2,Srishti - Project Expo
3,Asthra - National level General Quiz Show hosted by Quiz Innovator Charles Andrews
4,Naksha - Treasure Hunt
5,Rithu - Photography Competition
6,Ramanujan General Mathematics Quiz for High school/Higher secondary school students
7,Iron Fist - Robo War
8,Perception - Civil Drawing Competition
9,Waste Wise - Model Making
10,De-Krypto - Capture the flag Competition
11, Google Q - Picture based Puzzle solving
12,Drishyam - Short Film Fest
13,Last Stand - Management Challenge
14,Ethical Mastermind - Ethics Competition
15,CAD Master - CAD Drawing Competition
17,Engine Mortuary
18,Jack King
19,MotoCross Madness
20,Nirmana -Web design Competition
21,Kurushethra - LAN Gaming (NFS, FIFA, CS)
22,Silent Scream - Crime scene investigation
1,Six Sigma
3,Virtual Instrumentation

Cultural Events:
1,ProShow by Mystic Lake on 24th Jan
2,Dance Fest by JECC Students on 24th Jan
3,Proshow by Thaikkudam Bridge on 25th Jan

Tharang 14 Registration Link:
Tharang 14 Facebook Link:

Tharang 14 Event Departments:
Tharang 14 Website: http://www,

For more information on this college fest, please contact the event co-ordinators directly by logging into this website as mentioned above. Please drop your comments below if you have been to this college fest earlier or if you are planning to go this time.


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