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GAMAYA 2K14, NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad, Technical Fest, Kerala, September 19-21 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014

GAMAYA 2K14 is a Technical Fest organised by: NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad, Kerala

College Fest Caption: asFire. persFire. insFire

GAMAYA 2K14 dates:
Fest dates: 19th-21st September 2014

GAMAYA is the national level technical fest organised by the College Union, NSSCE. It boasts 50+ technical events, workshops, invited talks, seminars along with performances of renowed proffesional artists. It aims at serving the society by searching for the most appropriate technology for the issues faced by the common man.
GAMAYA sets the perfect platform for young talents to ASPIRE to achieve greatness, by PERSPIRing for their dreams and thus
INSPIRing others.

GAMAYA 2K14 Technical, Management, Workshop, Conference, Online Events in Palakkad :
Project Expo
Appropriate Technology Event
B the Droid
CAD drawing
Tech Quiz
Treasuse Hunt
Crime Investigation
General Quiz


GAMAYA 2K14 Pro Nites :
Bennet the Band Feat. Job Kurien

GAMAYA 2K14 Co-ordinators Details:
Nitish P Nair
Mob: 9495666753

Ananthakrishnan P
Mob: 9037335711

How to reach NSS College of Engineering:
Campus is located at Akathethara(9km from Palakkad town).
Nearest Railway Station : Palakkad Jnc
Nearest Airport : Coimbatore
Facebook Link:

GAMAYA 2K14 Event Departments: GAMAYA 2K14 Website:

NSS College of Engineering Website:

For more information on this college fest, please contact the event co-ordinators directly by logging into this website as mentioned above. Please drop your comments below if you have been to this college fest earlier or if you are planning to go this time.


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